Viv Kadbi

Build a sustainable fit life & transform your body without extreme diets or hours at the gym.

Fitness And Nutrition Coaching

Hola! I’m Viv Kadbi, a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, passionate to help women who want to be healthier & body confident, but are struggling with staying consistent because living a restrictive life is not how they roll.

The truth is, I used to be in the exact same position ― on and off the wagon because it always seemed like you can either enjoy life, OR be fit.

But here’s the thing – you can do both! There is a way to stay fit & healthy without restricting yourself! & I am on a mission to share this lifestyle with you. And I call it the YOLO FIT method.

What You Get While Training With Me

Fitness Coaching

Fat Burning and Strength Building Sessions

Nutrition Coaching

No calorie counting! Build sustainable eating habits & move away from the "quick fix" mentality

Mindset Coaching

Create mindset shifts for a happier, more confident life

What People Are Saying

"I'm so proud of me, and I have you to thank for my progress!!! I've been to so many gyms, so many instructors, and never had the results I've had with you in 2 weeks!"
"Viv has rocked my world with her way of training. I was a bikini competitor a few years ago but was never consistent after I had my daughter. And then I met Viv! I'm obsessed with the way she trains!"
"Your lower body workouts are AMAZING. They literally Kick your A**, but the feeling I get after I'm done is pure satisfaction. Soo Good!"

Train with me!

With my Tonify App, You'll get your fitness trainer in your pocket. Access my 6 week Fit & Toned via phone app or web anywhere and at anytime!

Health & Nutrition Articles

Viv Kadbi

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Viv Kadbi

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