Here to offer a no-BS approach to building a confident body & ditch diets forever.

Hey! I'm Viv

I'm an Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

Does it always seem like you need to choose between being fit & enjoying life?  

Same, girl…same. But right after I turned 30 I broke free from this false belief, and created the body I always dreamed of using my YOLO FIT method.

Today, I coach women who are tired of dieting for specific events & want to be & feel body confident all-year-long without restricting themselves.

So, if you’re struggling with staying consistent, but want to make real changes, ditch the diets & live the #YOLOFIT Life  I’m your girl!💕

The YOLO FIT Blueprint

Are you Ready
To make real changes,
ditch the diets
& finally get the Badass body of your dreams? 🍑

Snag my FREE Fitness Guide with the exact steps that completely transformed me, physically & mentally, and is CHANGING my clients’ lives!

What You Get While Training With Me

Fitness Coaching

Fat Burning and Strength Building Sessions

Nutrition Coaching

No calorie counting! Build sustainable eating habits & move away from the "quick fix" mentality

Mindset Coaching

Create mindset shifts for a happier, more confident life

What Clients Say​

"Viv has rocked my world with her way of training. I was a bikini competitor a few years ago but was never consistent after I had my daughter. And then I met Viv! I'm obsessed with the way she trains!"
"It's been only two weeks and I have already achieved one of the most important things I wanted to get out of this program. I feel stronger, and my energy level has gone up more than I ever thought possible. Thanks Viv!"
"I'm so proud of me, and I have you to thank for my progress!!! I've been to so many gyms, so many instructors, and never had the results I've had with you in 2 weeks!"

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