About Me

Hello! I’m Viv.

Witchy & Fit was born of my love for fitness and spirituality. Fitness and strength training have always been a HUGE part of my life. I have always found solace in the gym, working on myself, and making my way through my own fitness journey.

In 2020, when the world was falling apart, spirituality aligned itself with mr. It was a necessary tool for survival and a proponent of change. Quickly, it became an intricate part of my story. While I already had a fitness-centered business, I realized that I could not operate my practice on fitness alone. Luckily, I was blissfully aware of the weaving that needed to take place between my two favorite things.

I grew my knowledge immensely. While I already had several certifications in nutrition and fitness, I wanted to know more. So, I began my education in energy healing and women’s holistic health. This was only the beginning of my growth in understanding, something beyond what could be learned through a course. Unfortunately, I had spent a long time pushing away my intuition because it was not aligned with what I thought I “knew” about fitness.

All that I had ever known in the fitness world was riddled with self-criticism. It hinged on the belief that you needed to “fix” yourself in some way. However, spirituality is the connection with the intangible. It does not hold criticism or even focus on the physical world. It consists of operating from a place of love, empathy, and compassion. It is pure acceptance.

With both of these definitions in mind, I realized that well-being was a balancing act. Both energies were needed to bring fulfillment. So, I reworked my approach to helping others and combined the parts of both worlds that aligned with me.

For fitness, my favorites are circuit training, yoga, pilates, and dance. For spirituality, I love astrology, tarot, energy healing, and sound frequencies. Together, I have created the perfect storm for the mind, body, and soul connection. Now, I want to help you on your own transformative journey.

No matter where you are physically or spiritually, I can meet you there. I would be thrilled to provide you with the tools for radical self-acceptance and guide you along as you rediscover the aspects of yourself that excite you and ignite your inner power.