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Movement. Intuition. Cosmic Vibes.


Hello, my name is Vivian


I'm also an intuitive and Reiki Master, and I have made it my life's mission to blend exercise science and ancient wisdom to create unique and multifaceted online programs for mystic souls looking to achieve multidimensional fitness.


I believe that the traditional definition of fitness, with its emphasis on self-criticism and the idea that exercise must "fix" something that's physically wrong with us, is a narrow and limiting perspective. Based on logic, competition, and hard work, this view of fitness is focused on the physical body and the logical mind, which can be intimidating and unappealing to many women who don't fit the industry standards.

On the other hand, spirituality rejects this dualistic view and focuses on our connection with the intangible parts of ourselves. It drives us to live life with love, empathy, and acceptance of ourselves and others. It's based on intuition, emotions, meditation, and gentle movements like yoga or qigong, which can feel limiting and unappealing to those seeking a more well-rounded multidimensional fitness experience.
As humans, we have been conditioned to view fitness and spirituality as separate entities, as if to suggest that we must choose one or the other. I believe in rejecting this notion and having an integrated approach to fitness, spirituality, and wellness. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are like the triforce of wellness, each affecting the other in intricate ways.

I have found that merging both the physical and spiritual elements leads to multidimensional strength, mindfulness, self-awareness, and personal growth. We can use practices like strength training, weightlifting, HIIT, or cardio as an avenue to create mindfulness, self-awareness, and personal growth. By addressing the root cause of physical imbalances, we can improve overall physical health and wellness while also strengthening our spirituality.

I use my knowledge of astrology, tarot, and energy healing, combined with exercise science, to develop unique online programs that cater to seeking a multifaceted fitness experience. Tarot draws on archetypes and symbolism associated with celestial bodies like planets and zodiac signs we use as archetypes, while chakras are linked to specific body parts and organs. These interconnected systems are essential in recognizing that every part of our being is interconnected.

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I always keep in mind that fitness and wellness should be inclusive, approachable, fun, and engaging. My view of fitness and wellness is not about conforming to industry standards; it's about tapping into our unique energetic blueprint to achieve multidimensional fitness.


By recognizing that physical activity can be a powerful tool for developing mental and emotional resilience, building confidence, and connecting with our bodies in a deeper way, we can achieve a path to wellness that is universe-approved.



My Fitness in 5D approach is all about tapping into the fifth dimension for greater consciousness and integrating various fitness practices such as yoga, meditation, strength training, and mindful eating to achieve multidimensional fitness. 

As a believer in the interconnectedness of the universe, I've created a unique way of approaching fitness and wellness that combines my love for astrology, Tarot, energy healing, and science-based exercise programs. My goal is to help you find the perfect balance between movement, nutrition, and self-discovery.


In my world, I don't believe in a dualistic perspective of fitness and wellness. Instead, I reject the notion that we must choose between physical fitness and spirituality. We are multidimensional beings, and I believe that a proper fitness and wellness lifestyle should reflect that.

That's why I've created a "Fitness in 5D" approach that merges the power of science with the wisdom of Tarot and astrology. It's all about creating unique fitness programs that help you explore your intuitive side while empowering you to embrace your physical strength and wellbeing.


Imagine a world where circuit training, yoga, pilates, dancing, astrology, Tarot, energy healing, plus sound frequencies like solfeggio and Isochronic tones, all seamlessly come together in one dynamic, spiritually inclined universe. That's precisely what I offer - a system that sounds fun, engaging, and approachable.


What I want to create is a safe space, for all intuitive women out there who are trying to break free from pre-programmed beliefs and realize that caring about one's physical body is not less spiritual, but an essential part of who they are. We're all on individual spiritual journeys, and I'm here to guide and encourage women to embrace their most powerful selves-when it comes to spirituality and fitness.

To me, fitness and wellness should be accessible, inclusive, and engaging, meaning there's an approach that works for everyone. I know my approach is not the "one and only" program that works, but I believe that if fitness can be used as a tool for developing mental and emotional resilience, building confidence, and connecting with our selves in a deeper way, then we should pursue it however it resonates with us. So, whether you're a seasoned spiritual guru, or you're just starting to explore the fitness world, my Fitness in 5D approach is here to support you with all the tools you need to embrace your multidimensional self. So let's take the next step, together, and tap into your infinite potential!

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