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Movement. Intuition. Cosmic Vibes.

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Embrace Your Inner Mystic & Take Fitness to a Different Dimension

Hey there, I'm Vivian!

I'm an edgy goddess and certified fitness witch here to cast some seriously magical workouts. Let's get physical and mystical together!

My Story

Like many goddesses, I struggled to embrace my duality. I felt torn between my spiritual side and my passion for fitness.

The fitness industry preached body-shaming mantras: "No pain, no gain. Fitness fixes flaws." Meanwhile, spirituality seemed to say "Ditch the physical. Only the soul matters."

I rejected this cosmic divorce. Our body and spirit are meant to dance together joyfully!


So I created "Fitness in 5D" to help intuitive women like us fuse fitness and spirituality. We build holistic strength through fun workouts and mystical practices designed just for you!

My Method

We combine science-based training with energy healing tools like astrology and tarot.

I blend heavyweight lifting with lightweight intuition to give you those multidimensional gains, baby!

My strategic yet intuitive programs help you:

  • Tone your body and awaken your inner mystic

  • Gain physical strength and emotional resilience

  • Connect with your wise inner goddess. She's been waiting for you!

  • Embrace your duality and unlock your full potential


Join my celestial circle of boss babes ready to creatively combine fitness and spirituality.

Let's challenge restrictive norms and write our own soulful success stories!

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Why (Purpose)

Vivian's higher purpose is to empower women to embrace their inner sacred feminine through intuitive, spiritual fitness



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How (Process)

- Seamlessly blends elite fitness training with tarot, astrology, and energy healing

- Uses playful, cheeky wording and tone to make spirituality relatable

- Balances light and dark, strength and vulnerability in her content and voice



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What (Product/Service)

- Fitness instructor specializing in women's strength, HIIT, yoga

- Provides tarot readings, astrology forecasts, energy healing

- Mystical mentor helping women balance mind, body, and spirit



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