About Me

Hi, I Am Viv Kadbi

A Fitness & Nutrition Coach, passionate to help women who want to be healthier & body confident, but are struggling with staying consistent because living a restrictive life is not how they roll.

Truth is, I used to be in the exact same position — on and off the wagon because it always seemed like you can either enjoy life, OR be fit.

And I am not one to stop myself from eating a taco or a donut if I want one.

For a long time, I purchased fitness and nutrition programs from famous influencers, and realized their approaches just weren’t sustainable. I  had to spend way too much time at the gym, track every calorie I ate, even weigh the food I ate.

 I started feeling anxious and depressed at the grocery store because it seemed like I couldn’t eat anything I liked!

Worst yet. I wasn’t seeing results. So, I ended up quitting after a while and going right back to the start, feeling like a failure. When, in reality, they just weren’t the right plans for me.

So I decided to do the job myself. And realized that there is a way to stay fit & healthy without restricting yourself! So, now I am on a mission to share this lifestyle with you. And I call it the YOLO FIT method.

A combination of Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset strategies that will transform your mind and body, & unleash your confident, inner badass, without having to sacrifice what you enjoy doing and the foods you love to eat!

So if you’re ready to start getting fit, stay consistent, and gain back your body confidence, this is the right place for you! I will be the one to show you How to Transform your body without extreme diets or hours at the gym.



What You Get While Training With Me

How to Build Your Glutes - Free eBook

Fitness Coaching

    • Fat Burning and Strength Building Sessions
    • Fun but challenging fitness plans for the gym or anywhere
    • Regain body confidence, tone up & feel strong AF

Nutrition Coaching

    • No calorie counting!
    • Science-based nutrition strategies to eat intuitively according to your goals
    • Move away from “quick diets” and build sustainable eating habits
    • Rediscover a joyful & healthy relationship with food

Mindset Coaching

    • Create mindset shifts of body perception 
    • No more “falling off the wagon”
    • Eliminate all-or-nothing Thinking
    • Mindfulness & self love

Up to Date Coaching Certifications

Fitness Certification
ISSA Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Nutrition Certification
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