Hi! I'm Viv. Your Fitness & Nutrition Coach!

And I'm here to tell you that I get it, but your weight loss goal is keeping you stuck.

Please hear me out, because here’s the thing: 

Skinny ≠ Healthy        AND       Fitness Weight Loss

But we live in a world that prefers thinness over health, yet makes it easy for us to become obese, and then makes us feel like a number on a scale defines our “fitness” and our worth as a person. 

So obviously, we become obsessed with losing weight. Doing whatever it takes to “fit” society’s standards while overlooking small details like our anatomy, our genetics, and our hormones, which we have no control over, and significantly affect the way our body looks and functions every day.

And especially for women (enter the Female Reproductive System,  our menstrual cycle, and our tendencies for self-criticism and social comparison) becoming, and staying “fit” can be an emotional roller coaster–literally

As a result, many skinny women *believe* they got a golden ticket to skip fitness but lack strength, energy & focus, while others (who might be stronger and more active) never feel good enough because the weight scale isn’t moving.

Focusing your goals on Body Weight usually comes from a place of hating how you look & wanting to look like someone else.

I’ve struggled with confidence and body image issues all my life. I’m 4′ 11″, and I am THAT “lucky” person who loses weight without trying and actually struggles to keep her weight on.

I never thought I was tall or strong enough, and hid behind my “fast-metabolism” to avoid fitness because weight loss, calorie deficit, and cardio weren’t for me.  

As a result, I didn’t look unhealthy, but I was weak, had little energy, very little confidence, and my body became skinny-fat and borderline metabolically obese.

So I decided to step up for myself. And after a lot of trial and error, I finally understood that the goal was never LOOKING a certain way but FEELING my best. 

And the only way we can achieve  REAL MIND & BODY TRANSFORMATIONS is by ditching the weight loss mentality and focusing on building strength, life balance, energy & confidence instead. 

What You Get While Training With Me

How to Build Your Glutes - Free eBook

Fitness Coaching

    • Four different training techniques combined
    • Optimized for strength-building, body sculpting, endurance, and fat loss.
    • Professionally structured 30-45 minute workout sessions
    • A range of minimal and no equipment workout options

Nutrition Coaching

    • No calorie counting!
    • Nutrition strategies to move away from “quick diets” and build sustainable eating habits
    • A joyful & healthy relationship with food
    • Advanced techniques based on female anatomy and hormonal health

Mindset Coaching

    • Create mindset shifts of body perception 
    • No more “falling off the wagon”
    • Eliminate all-or-nothing Thinking
    • Mindfulness & self love
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