Gym Etiquette: 6 Rules to Not be a Jerk At The Gym

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I love working out in a dirty and stinky gym 😊 Said no one ever! And don’t get me wrong, I get it! We are all sweating and giving the best of us to reach our fitness goals, but there are still some simple rules that we can follow so everybody can have a good experience working out.

Here are my top rules:

1. Wiping out equipment – A Towel Should Be Your Number 1 Companion

Gym Etiquette is often overlooked and not talked about – let’s changed that right now.

True Story: this person did her very exhausting HIIT workout, and once she was done, she left a literal puddle of sweat on the exercise mat, right next to me, along with the gym equipment she had used – gross, yes! – uncommon? No.

It is also true that I got a rash on my back after doing my ab routine on the gym mat a couple of months ago 😞, since then, I take my own antibacterial wipes to the gym and clean mats before I lie down for any type of workout.

It is good gym etiquette that you wipe the equipment that you use so it can be clean for other fitness enthusiasts. Nobody wants to lie down or sit on someone else’s sweat, and this can cause a skin reaction to other people. Yuck.

2. Putting your Equipment Away

I get it! You’re super strong and I’m really proud of you 😊 It’s very impressive to see that you can bench or squat hundreds of pounds; however, I’m just 4’11” (1.50mts) and would like to use that same equipment later, but will probably not be able to because you didn’t remove the heavy plates 😞.

I experience this too frequently at the gym, and I have to either give up and workout somewhere else or spend 10 minutes trying to remove the plates while avoiding injury.

It is good gym etiquette that you dedicate a little time and energy to put equipment away. This also includes returning barbells, dumbbells, Yoga Mat, kettle-bells, and any other tool that you have used, back where they belong, so they can be readily available for others.

3. Avoiding Hogging the Equipment

Especially when the gym is busy, usually before and after work hours, it’s important to be mindful and not sit or stay at the same machine, or keep the barbell or dumbbells for a very long time.

It’s particularly frustrating if you are literally just sitting there looking at your phone, or catching up on the latest gossip with your gym buddy, while the machine or equipment is just waiting to be used.

It is good gym etiquette to be mindful of others, especially during peak times. Being efficient with your workout will help others be efficient with theirs 😊.

4. Focusing on Your Workout and Not Staring at Others

Staring and Creeping is a no-no and an unwritten rule that we ALL must obey. Yes, it is mostly women who deal with guys watching (like this one by the end of my video), especially if we are wearing high waisted leggings or a nice crop top. But Guys – believe me, we are not dressing like this for you.

However, we women also do our share of staring when we see other women at the gym (women that might or might not be hotter than us lol). We are all there to workout, and workout only; let’s leave people doing squats, donkey kicks, and deadlifts alone. And if you don’t approve the way they are dressed, that is even a bigger reason to stop staring!

IT is good gym etiquette to avoid staring at people. Staring is not only annoying but distracting, and a very bad habit. So, You do you, while they do they lol.

5. Being Nice and Kind to Others

Everybody at the gym has the same goal – bettering themselves. We are there because we want to be healthy, look better, and we have the motivation to do so. The gym should be a happy place.

So, if someone else is walking pass by you, or there are some regular people that you see there often but never talk, It is good gym etiquette to just smile and be nice. Remember, we are not competing against each other- and this goes mostly to women lol, you know what I’m talking about.

6. Avoiding Giving Unsolicited Advice

And this is a topic that more than a few people asked me to talk about, because it’s not isolated, and unfortunately is a problem mostly for women.

This is a huge “No thanks” for me. I have found myself in situations where a guy gym member starts giving me “advice” on how to do a certain exercise or try to start a conversation in the middle of my workout.

Look, I get it, I’m petite and might not look as strong, but if I needed advice or help, I would ask for it, and the same applies to all my fitness girls out there. We don’t need your advice. So, thanks, but no thanks😊

And if you’re doing it as a conversation starter, I personally don’t think the gym is a place to snatch out a date with a girl. Maybe try by the smoothie station?

In conclusion, please don’t give unsolicited advice to others (men or women). Even if you are right, people don’t really appreciate it anyway, and you might be able to avoid an awkward situation.

So, there you have them. These are my top rules for gym etiquette. Do you guys have any other rules?


I hope this article was helpful! Here are some other places where you can find even more FREE resources:

Have a Peachy Day🍑!
– Coach Viv

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