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10 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Feelings of anxiety are very common but often disregarded or overlooked. Some of its symptoms include rapid heartbeat, restlessness, worry thoughts, and trembling. And unfortunately, most of the time, we usually believe we are the only ones feeling this way.

I want you to know you are not alone in this. And here are 10 tips to reduce anxiety that have helped me improve my mental health and are easy for anyone to follow.

The American Psychological Association (APA), explains anxiety in this article. Additionally, you can see a complete overview of what it is, here.

I would also like to point out that I am not a licensed physician, so please don’t take these tips as professional advice. However, I’ve suffered anxiety symptoms for a very long time, and these tactics have helped me reduce it and feel better in difficult times. If you think you need additional help than the suggestions described below, I would recommend you seek medical advice 💕.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump right into the 10 tips to reduce anxiety.

⁣ 1. Stay active

Go for a 15-30 minute walk. If you like running, go for a run. If you’re into working out, go to the gym, or do a home workout. Exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel happier/relieve stress.

So keeping your body moving can help you feel better and be healthier physically and mentally.⁣ If you need help looking for a workout routine, check out my free 5-day workout guide here.

⁣ 2. Limit your time on social media

⁣Don’t get me wrong; I love social media. It’s a great way to share my passion for fitness and connect with people, but it can also be a place where arguments and conflict fire up at any second.

It can also be a place where we start comparing ourselves to others, and where a lot of misinformation is shared on a daily basis.

Social media, to me, is a place where I go to take a break, but if it’s triggering negative feelings, I get off of it and focus on something else.

If social media also makes you feel this way sometimes, one of my tips to reduce anxiety is to disconnect from it for a while. It doesn’t have to be days or weeks, but a couple of hours a day away from scrolling will be good for you.

⁣3. Meditate/take a nap

Give your mind a rest. I never meditated in my life, but I recently started with an app called Headspace, and it has really helped me. The SOS category is awesome to help you feel calm and relaxed.

If meditation isn’t for you, just try to take a short 20-minute nap. Giving your mind time to clear up will help you feel refreshed and better.⁣

⁣4. Listen to relaxing music

Listening to a calming playlist usually helps me feel more relaxed. It also helps reduce my heartbeats, which in turn allows me to breathe better and think more clearly. “Musical Therapy” on Spotify is my go-to these days)⁣.

⁣5. Limit the amount of news you watch

Believe me. You can stay in the know without getting overwhelmed with negative news⁣. And let’s be honest – bad news and sensationalist information are what sells the most, so that’s what newscasts are all about.

I stay informed and follow the news, but as soon as they start affecting me, I stop watching them. There is no need for me to know the nitty-gritty to understand what’s going on in the world.


⁣6. Write/think about 5 things you’re thankful for

This is something that I started doing recently, and I love it. Writing or thinking about the positive aspects of your life can make you feel a little better.

And if you’re anxious about one problem, thinking about what you’re thankful for will help you put the issue in perspective and think more clearly.

Here are some of the things I am helpful for today:

  1. I’m thankful because my family is healthy.

  2. I’m thankful because it’s Thursday and tomorrow I get to go on a weekend trip.

  3. I am thankful for being able to talk with my parents every day, even though they’re in Colombia, thousands of miles away from me.

⁣7. Write/think about 5 things that make you a good person

I also do this frequently and it isn’t only part of my tips to reduce anxiety, but also a tip to improve self love and self care.

Thinking about big or small things that you like about yourself or make you a good person is great to remind you that you’re more than someone that gets anxious for different reasons.

To me, It helps put things into perspective and encourages me to push through negative feelings.

Here are some of the things I love about myself and make me a good person:

  1. I always like to see the best in people

  2. I work hard for what I want

  3. I came to the USA alone, learned English, did a bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and have zero student debt.

8. Talk with people that make you happy/give you peace.⁣

Talking with my parents always gives me joy. All my Colombian relatives are loud and happy, so if I feel anxious, talking with them is usually a breath of fresh air.

Talking with people that make you feel at peace and take your mind off of things is a great way to relax when you have overwhelming thoughts.

Also, talking about your feelings out loud can help you feel better. By sharing those feelings with my husband, friends, or family, I lift a heavyweight from my shoulders, and they usually have encouraging words that help me even more.

⁣9. Ask your loved ones what they think makes you special

This might be difficult face-to-face, so when I did it, I texted a few people and asked them what they thought made me special. these were their answers:

  1. You are hard-working and inspiring.

  2. You are the type of person that perseveres until you’ve reached your goal.

  3. You love improving yourself; you have clear goals. You are a real team player and love unconditionally.

  4. I admire that you always take difficulties as a way to be better, not as a reason to quit.

  5. You are a person that turns weaknesses into strengths.

  6. You don’t give up, and don’t let people around you give up either

Just typing this makes me feel all fuzzy inside. That is a GOOD feeling! Knowing that the people I love think such good things about me, puts everything into perspective, and takes anxiety feelings away.

Try this!

⁣10. Read a book. Watch a funny movie/TV series

I’ve been deep into nutrition lately, so I jump right into my nutrition book to take my mind off of anxious thoughts.

Watching comedy movies or TV shows also works well for me. The TV show “Friends” is my go-to because it’s SO good and makes me laugh every time.

Anxiety is a real thing, and it can affect almost everyone sometime or another. These tips to reduce anxiety are easy and can help, especially if other people depend on us.

You can’t help and love others if you don’t help and love yourself first. ⁣

Share this with anyone that needs it, and if you have any other tips to reduce anxiety, please share them with me. We are all in this together!⁣

Love VK

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