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5 Easy Tips to Stay Consistent with Exercise

I want to give you guys some tips to stay consistent with exercise because I know it’s hard to keep up with it.

I wish there were a magic formula to stay fit. And I know I’m not the only one because there are companies out there making millions right now, by telling people they’ve found the easiest way to get in shape. Skinny teas, waist belts, weightloss pills…and the list goes on.

Unfortunately for us, there isn’t a magic way to be fit and healthy – those pills that might help you lose weight can also damage your body and metabolism, and cause more harm than good.

Those sweat belts might overheat your body and cause you to pass out, and won’t help you lose weight by sweating – because sweat is just water trying to cool off your body, and nothing else.

So if you’re interested in getting fit in a smart, healthy way – keep on reading.

1. Have a Clear Goal

Having a clear goal is a great way to stay consistent with exercise. Better yet, have a specific and realistic goal that you can measure and has a clear timeline.

Our brains work better when we are specific about what we want. So don’t say, “I want to lose weight,” Say: “My goal is to lose 5 lbs by exercising three times a week during the next ten weeks.” Being clear about what you want will set you up for success.

Now that you have an end goal, my next tip to stay consistent with exercise is to make sure you include this goal in your daily routine.

If exercising is optional, I assure you, you won’t do it.

For example, I used to exercise in the afternoons, but after I started my full-time job I found myself making excuses and skipping workouts super often; so I modified my routine and incorporated exercising every morning before going to work.

Now I wake up a 5 am get my workout in, and then go to work. I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t easy to start waking up early, but it has helped me keep exercise in my life, and become a more active person.

Again, make the habit specific, so it’s easier for you to stick to it. Say, “I will exercise Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour before I go to work.” Your brain works best with specific and positive phrases like this.

3. Have a Workout Plan

Going to the gym without a workout plan to follow is usually a waste of time.

My next tip to stay consistent with exercise is to make sure you know the exercises you’ll do, the reps, the sets, and how long you’ll rest. Having a structure will help you set the mood and will also make your time at the gym more efficient.

If you need help with structuring your workouts, I have a Free workout guide that can help you get started!

4. Celebrate Little Progress

“Meaningful change doesn’t mean radical change.”

Everyone’s body is different, and everybody’s journey is unique. It is so easy to get discouraged if you don’t see results after a few weeks – believe me, I know.

So my next tip to stay consistent with exercise is by taking pictures of your body regularly. You might not see progress when looking at the mirror – and you should never base your success on the numbers on the scale. But if you take pictures, I promise you, change is much more noticeable and you will feel much more motivated to keep going.

5. Make it Fun

Last but not least, if exercising becomes an obligation, it’s very likely that it’ll become the last thing you want to do.

Making exercising a habit doesn’t mean it has to be boring. What do I do to make it fun?

  1. I change up my exercises every few weeks,

  2. Buy workout clothes that make me feel pretty and excited to use them,

  3. Listen to music during every workout – and the music varies depending on my mood,

  4. And whenever I can, I take my exercises outdoors just to change things up.

Staying consistent is literally the only way you’ll see results and reach your fitness goals. So hold yourself accountable, get up from the couch, and get moving!

And if you know of any other tips to stay consistent with exercise, please share them with me! I’m always available on Instagram!


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