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Tonify πŸ‘ 6-week Fit & Toned Program | VK Fitness LLC - Sculpt Your Ideal Self

Tonify πŸ‘ 6-week Fit & Toned Program

$597.00 $397.00

Kick-off Date: August 31, 2020

Welcome to the Tonify 6-week Fit & Toned Program! Designed to help you transform your body without extreme crazy diets or countless hours at the gym.

Available in my Tonify app, this program provides you with all the tools to take control of your fitness goals, get toned, strong AF, and help you build the best body of your life πŸ’•

The Tonify Fit and Toned Program includes:

  • Fitness: 6-week workout plan ($397 Value):
    • 3 workout sessions per week
    • Fun but challenging 30-40 minute workout sessions with video demonstrations
    • Minimal and no-equipment workout options
    • Unique dance warm-ups
    • Technique tips based on fitness level and form tutorials
  • Mastering nutrition basics ($447 Value):Β 
    • Nutrition insights to create healthy and long-lasting eating habits. No calorie counting!
    • Healthy traditional and vegan meal ideas
    • Shopping list
    • Supplement insights, and suggestions

      Plus some additional bonuses because I’m cool like that, committed to you, and want to be there for you every step of the way!

    • Bonus #1:
      • Two personalized 30-minute check-ins (week 3 and week 6) & Weekly group coaching calls for healthy habit building. ($475 value)
    • Bonus #2:
      • Weekly Mastering your Mind exercises to help with stress, anxiety, and create mindset shifts for a happier, more confident life. ($307value)
    • Bonus #3:
      • Your fitness trainer in your pocket – Access the program via phone app or web app ($597 value)
    • Bonus #4:
      • Membership to the Tonify x VK Fitness Group for motivation and support (Priceless)
    • Bonus #5:
      • Access to the App content for 6 additional weeks after the challenge ends, so your journey doesn’t stop after the program ends. ($597 value)
      • The Exclusive Tonify Master Membership price after the additional 6 weeks end.

I can wait to have you on board! Let’s Tonify!πŸ‘

Please note: This program is offered through the Tonify App. This is not 1-1 in-person Fitness coaching.

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