Nutrition Coaching – 10 Sessions


With this personalized Nutrition Package, I will help you transform the way you eat, and completely change your relationship with food!

No more crazy fad diets, calorie counting, or “cheat days.” Together we will master de basics of good nutrition, nutrition mindset, and gain sustainable, long-term habits to reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

This package includes: 

  • 10 Nutrition sessions that will cover
    • Consultation & Initial assessment
    • Introduction to nutrition basics
    • Meal ideas
    • Shopping list suggestions
    • Supplement insights
    • Note: this is not a day-by-day meal plan. No calorie counting here – We will work on sustainable eating habits without deprivation.
    • Accountability and support directly from me every step of the way
  • For a limited time, this package includes an additional 1-hour Nutrition session at no cost ($75 value)
  • This package can be either online or in-person.
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