Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Coaching – Package 2


With this Fitness & Nutrition package, I will work directly with you and design a program specifically for your health and body goals, that will help you transform your body and improve your nutrition habits for long-term results.

This program includes: 

  • 20 workout sessions of 45-minutes with minimal to no equipment, basic gym equipment, and exercise modifications depending on fitness level.
  • 8 nutrition sessions where we will cover topics like:
    • Initial Consultation & Assessment
    • Nutrition basics
    • Nutrition Mindset
    • Meal ideas
    • Shopping list suggestions
    • Supplement insights
    • And more.
    • Note: this is not a day-by-day meal plan. No calorie counting here – We will work on sustainable eating habits without deprivation.
  • For a limited time, all packages include (an additional) 1-hour Nutrition session at no cost ($75 value)
  • Accountability and support directly from me every step of the way

*Personalized coaching is subject to an initial consultation.

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