TONIFY🍑 Skinny Fat to Fit 8 Week Program


  • Build muscle | Lose fat | Gain strength

    Are you looking to build muscle, gain strength, and burn fat simultaneously?

    Available exclusively on the Tonify App, my SKINNY-FAT TO FIT program is the ultimate fitness program designed to EMPOWER skinny-fat women who want to sculpt their body, get fit & strong, and drop self-sabotage & yo-yo diets forever.

    Ready to ditch the excuses & reclaim the STRONGEST & HEALTHIEST body you deserve?

    Here’s what’s included in the Tonify 🍑 SKINNY-FAT TO FIT 8-Week Program

    •  TONIFY SF2F Fitness
      • S.I.T* Workout sessions optimized strength-building, body sculpting, endurance, and fat loss.
        • 3 Professionally structured 30-40 minute full-body workout routines per week
      • Optional (but encouraged) warm-ups and cool-downs included in all sessions
      • Comprehensive video demonstrations
      • Automatic timers for all exercises
      • A range of minimal and no equipment workout options with progressive overload
      • Form tutorials for optimal technique

    *S.I.T: Strength Interval Training. The VK Fitness training method that combines 4 different techniques and optimizes strength-building, body sculpting, endurance, and fat loss.

    TONIFY SF2F Wellness
    No more falling off the wagon’ shenanigans! Rewire your relationship with food and fitness with a complete set of nutrition and mindset practices to help you step up, take action, and truly commit to yourself and your body goals.

    • Nutrition
      • Nutrition insights for a skinny-fat body type
      • Factors affecting your nutrition, body fat, and body weight (that don’t include food)
      • Strategies to Modify your eating habits based on your fitness goals and lifestyle
      • Meal Examples you can follow.
      • All the tools you need to make healthy decisions on your own (during and after the program) without calorie counting!
    • Mindset 
      • Shifting body perception and self-image
      • Strategies to overcome negative self-talk
      • Eliminating all-or-nothing thinking and the tendency to “fall off the wagon.”
      • Emotional Eating
      • Embracing self-sufficiency

NOTE: The SF2F Program kicks off the following MONDAY after your purchase. Once you purchase it, you’ll receive a welcome email viviankadbi.com with instructions and following steps!

Ready to begin your journey? See you on the inside!

Have a Peachy Day🍑!

Coach Viv.


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