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Tonify ๐Ÿ‘ 8 Week Skinny-Fat To Fit Program | VK Fitness LLC - Sculpt Your Ideal Self

Tonify ๐Ÿ‘ 8 Week Skinny-Fat to Fit Program


Build muscle | Lose fat | Gain strength

Do you feel like you look healthy, but you’re holding extra body fat in certain areas of your body, and it’s time to unleash your fit, confident, and badass self? Available exclusively on the Tonify app, my 8-week SKINNY-FAT TO FIT program is the ultimate guide to EMPOWER skinny-fat women who want to live healthier, confident lives but are struggling with self-sabotage yo-yo diets and frustration. Itโ€™s time to step into your strongest, most confident self and take control of your own health.ย 

Ready to ditch the excuses & reclaim the body you deserve?

Here’s what’s included in the TONIFY๐Ÿ‘ – SKINNY-FAT TO FIT PROGRAM

  • Tonify Fitness
    8 weeks of my S.I.T. Workout method: Strength Interval Training, professionally designed & tailored for skinny & skinny-fat body types, focused on strength building.
    • Professionally structured 30-minute routines, 3 times a week
    • Optional (but encouraged) warm-ups and cool-downs included in all sessions
    • Comprehensive video demonstrations
    • Automatic timers for all exercises
    • A range of minimal and no equipment workout options with increasing intensityย 
    • Form tutorials for optimal technique
  • Tonify Wellness
    No more falling off the wagon’ shenanigans! Rewire your relationship with food and fitness with a complete set of nutrition and mindset practices to help you step up, take action, and truly commit to yourself and your body goals.

    • Nutrition
      • Nutrition insights for a skinny-fat body type
      • Factors affecting your nutrition, body fat, and body weight (that don’t include food)
      • Strategies to Modify your eating habits based on your fitness goals and lifestyle
      • Meal Examples you can follow.
      • All the tools you need to make healthy decisions on your own (during and after the program) without calorie counting!
    • Mindsetย 
      • Shifting body perceptions and self-image
      • Strategies to overcome negative self-talk
      • Eliminating all-or-nothing thinking and the tendency to โ€œfall off the wagon.โ€
      • Strategies to manage special scenarios such as,
        • Skinny-shaming
        • Difficult or unsupportive environments
        • Managing your relationship between emotions and food
      • Embracing self-sufficiency

Ready to begin your journey? See you on the inside!

Have a Peachy Day๐Ÿ‘!

Coach Viv.

Note: The Independent Badass Plan is always available and kicks off the MONDAY after your purchase. The VIP and Extra Fancy plans are subject to a consultation and only open a few times a year.

To apply for the VIP & Extra Fancy, please fill out this application.

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