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Are you ready to AWAKEN your fitness? Through Witchy & Fit you can finally match the STRENGTH of YOUR BODY to the POWER of YOUR SOUL!

I am here to provide you fitness and nutrition plans, with a spiritual twist. I want to help you connect to a higher realm while feeling your best. What’s more perfect than combining your spiritual health with your physical health?

Follow along with my workouts to transform your physical and energetic body. Activate yourself on every plane, boost your energy, and align with who you were always meant to be. Through this, you can unleash your strongest, happiest, and most beautiful self! With this channel there is no “FALLING OFF THE WAGON”, because we are here to achieve real transformation from within, at home with little to no equipment.

Together, we will cover:

-  Chakra balancing through fun, physical movement

-  Bodyweight, fat-burning, and body sculpting exercise

-  Combining spirituality and fitness

-  Food guilt, binging, and dieting

-  Nutrition beyond food

-  Mindset

-  Self-Empowerment

-  Tarot

-  And so much more!

I want to not only be your fitness mentor but someone who takes you on a transformative journey. I am thrilled to work with you! So, if you are ready to begin YOUR spiritual-fitness journey SUBSCRIBE! And don’t forget to get notified when I release new videos.

I cannot wait to help you awaken your fitness and discover the beauty that is waiting to radiate out of you!!

Love & Light, Viv K.

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Viv | Your Spiritual-Fitness Guide [Coach]

Fitness through Tarot Spiritual Workouts

Guidance through it all!
I want to help you match the STRENGTH of YOUR BODY with the POWER of YOUR

Happy to provide ADHD-friendly workouts


  1. When I became a fitness mentor, I was so happy with the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I loved helping people on their journeys to become their best selves. In 2020, I began my own journey, outside of fitness. It involved spirituality. Quickly, I became aligned with this aspect of the Universe. Knowing what I now knew, I could not ignore it any longer. Especially in terms of my fitness practice. So, I combined my two loves to create programs that can benefit you on your fitness journey.

  2. Spirituality has been a part of my life for a long time, but not longer than fitness. Both of these subjects mean the world to me! By combining the two, I have created programs that push you toward becoming your best self, the ebay that I did.

  3. It has been a long road to get me where I am today physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Through all of the trials the Universe has granted me, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned the power of self-confidence and trusting my intuition. I have figured out the amazing reality I can create for myself through my mind. Now, I want to help you through your own journey so YOU can find self-confidence through a fitness program unlike any other: one that combines spiritually and physical wellbeing.

  4. When looking at the world of fitness, it is easy to see that it hinges so directly on “fixing”. Fixing your weight, your muscles, and your body. But, this just never sat right with me. Despite being so involved in the fitness world, I hated that it directly attacked people's self-esteem and their trigger points. To me, fitness should be all about self-confidence. It should lift you up and align with your greater sense of wellbeing.