Success Stories

"I'm so proud of me, and I have you to thank for my progress!!! I've been to so many gyms, so many instructors, and never had the results I've had with you in 2 weeks!"
"I was at the same gym for 5 years with an instructor and never saw results! This has truly been life-changing because I'm changing not only physically but mentally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"Viv has rocked my world with her way of training. I was a bikini competitor a few years ago but was never consistent after I had my daughter. And then I met Viv! I'm obsessed with the way she trains!"
"Working with you has been the best financial decision I've made when it comes to working out and a better life for me! I am very excited to see where I'll be in the next few months continuing to work and grow with you!" -Diana
"This program has met my expectations and more! Mentally and physically! You care about me, and it shows. This program doesn't just care about physical looks but also my inner self, and I think that's the piece that I was always missing and made me keep falling off the wagon."
"I was shocked to see the changes in my body in only a couple of weeks! Thank you!"
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