Our Programs

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Enlightening Fitness

This program includes full training coupled with spiritual exercises. With this you will get 8 weeks of:

  • Fitness training

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Mindfulness Exercises

  • Energy Healing Session


Lunar Cycle Wellness

This 4-week program harnesses the power of the moon. It will guide women in connecting the moon and their menstrual cycle with self-love and strength. You will learn about the 4 different phases of your bodily cycle.

Once you develop an understanding of this, you will be able to use it to your advantage in every aspect of your life.

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Hormone-Balancing Program

This holistic wellness-centered program is based on yoga and low-impact movements. Coupled with nutrition, it can help you balance your hormones naturally.


Fitness Through Tarot

Tarot cards are divinely connected to many spiritual systems. To create “fitness through tarot” programs I take into account card symbolism, light and shadow attributes, the planet, house, zodiac sign, element, chakra, body parts, and numerology associated with the card. This is an intuitive approach to wellness based on tarot meaning and symbolism.


I have a number of programs that fall under the tarot umbrella!

-  Pick-a-card workouts – For this, select 3 cards from a tarot deck and create 3 workouts based on the cards. On my youtube channel, you can intuitively pick from a selection of 3 cards. Each workout is 10 minutes long, giving you a thirty-minute long session.

-  Daily Tarot Workouts – Daily Tarot Workouts are created based on a selected card and its symbolism.

-  Arcana Wellness Journey – The major arcana are centered around the hero’s journey. From the Fool to the World, these cards describe the different stages of growth you go through when embarking on a self-development journey. Wellness is no different! By using these cards we can walk through your personal journey. In this program I include fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

-  Astrological Fitness – These programs are based around astrological energies and events like the moons cycles or planetary movements.